Keep dreaming or forget it?

Being a full time shopaholic I’m always having in mind a list of fashion items I dream to buy some day (not the actual list, mine is only in my head). Since the complete list would cost a fortune and doesn’t change a lot, as time goes by I begin to doubt if some of the products are still fashionable or it’s time to forget it?

Fendi Peekaboo handbag

Photo credit: Pinterest

This bag was a final straw for me to write this post. My best friend is currently looking for a perfect bag for her BDay and Peekaboo was the first choice. When I heard it, i said: ‘Come on! It was HOT even before Instagram’. But then I’ve been thinking: does the fact that this bag is off the radar of Instagram influencers make it old-fashioned? Status: Forget it and it’s too expensive

Gucci Princetown fur slippers

Photo credit: Pinterest

Okay, these are not so old, but still last spring/summer season it was a massive trend among bloggers. I din’t like it at all! But it seems that I’m very influenced by social media and a year after I started considering them for purchase. However I don’t think I will actually buy the shoes, for me they are too trendy. Status: I should Forget it but I still want them

Chanel sneakers

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Photo credit: @misstatti

Uh it’s a long story and complicated love/hate relationships started years ago. I hated them, but yet I keep collecting Pinterest pics of how to wear them. I never knew how much they cost and still was unsure about my feelings. But then SS’18 season dropped on sale. I swear I had no intention in buying CHANEL at all. It is not a spontaneous purchase for me you know, it should be at least as big as BDay. We came to Chanel to have a look at bags for a friend of mine. I tried the snickers on simply because I was bored. I didn’t like them on display at all, but as soon as I put them on a magic of total look happened: ripped mom’s jeans, oversize Tommy Jeans sweatshirt. Me and my friend just said: what?? wow! After 2 minutes I said ‘Yes’ to the sales lady. Status: classic and unexpectedly bought

Valentino chain cross body bag

Photo credit: Pinterest

I really don’t know. I have this bag in my wish list in at least five colors and two sizes. But have too many doubts about it. Anyway, I think it’s rather Yes than No, so — keep dreaming!

Golden Goose sneakers


Photo credit: @misstatti

I love sneakers. I just can’t have enough. Golden Goose are definitely an all-time classic for me. It was an ‘apres stress in the office’ purchase, but I never had regrets. Want another pair. Status: classic

Balenciaga Ceinture boots


Photo credit: @misstatti

I noticed them in Sonya Esman vlogs and only after that became interested. Of course I knew about the boots before, but never wanted them. Then I started to notice all the bloggers like Chiara and Debi joyfully running around deserts, mountains and LA streets wearing Creepers. By that time I was already desperately dreaming of it. My bad is that I bought the wrong size I guess. I went half-size down because I tried them (and planned to wear) on bare feet and hadn’t thought through that my feet can get bigger during the day. They turned out to be a bit too tight and may hurt really bad sometimes. I still keep trying to find the way (or perfect socks) to wear them painlessly. If any tips — welcome! Status: Classic! And owned

Celine luggage handbag

Photo credit: Pinterest

Also having mixed feelings about this one! Pre-Instagram era but still a true classic. But I don’t care because it way too expensive for me ha-ha. Status: keep dreaming, but not too hard!

I realized that all items are bags or shoes — this is so me… I can easily buy expensive an expensive pair of shoes or a bag and 30$ Bershka jeans at the same time. For me it’s all about LOVE not about money!




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