Desperately looking for summer

It’s been a shitty weather in Moscow to say the least and no summer is forecasted, actually. We didn’t plan any trip this year at all which is another depressing fact. I became realising that I don’t want to spend my long-awaited 2 week annual leave in the city with no summer. We needed to escape.

FullSizeRender 3

As we were very limited in time and needed to buy something quick, we booked an old hotel in Turkey for less than a week. We’ve already been in this hotel 3 years ago so no bad surprises. Just relaxing time in 40+ heat. All I wanted to do is soaking up the sun. Seriously, that’s it.

Of course we couldn’t make it smoothly.

At first, the bikini I’ve finally ordered from fabulous brand @faeswim was delivered by FedEx (they don’t provide customs services for personal packages) and I had 2 days to release my bikini from customs. It was better than I expected. Everybody was super friendly especially when they discovered that I’m trying to get a bikini :). Anyway, 3 or 4 hours later I was already back home counting down until our Summer.


Then I messed up the return date. Well, I always knew we need to leave on 3-Jul. And I thought 3-Jul is Tuesday (why..?). So, we are leaving on Tuesday. Luckily, on Sunday I decided to check the flight status and the time when we will be picked up from hotel. And luckily, I checked what weekday is 3-Jul. On Monday morning we rushed to take some photos and afterwards spent the whole day by the pool before we left to airport.


We ended up with a gorgeous tan and happy faces. Ready to get back to day job on Monday. JK not ready at all.


I wish you’re having the best summer!

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